Our Services


We provide state of the art Thermal Imaging Services for Conservation, Detection and Zero Disturbance Wildlife Management Applications

Thermal Technology Applications

Our specialised services encompass humane shooting of pest animals, ensuring 100% detection and removal success. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety throughout our operations. We adhere to a zero-disturbance approach, prioritising environmental harmony. With meticulous data collection, our wild animal management offers transparency and accountability for audit purposes.


Capture our work through photography and videography, showcasing the effectiveness of our solutions. Leveraging state-of-the-art thermal image technology, we excel in wildlife surveillance, providing crucial insights into animal behaviour. This technology makes traditional methods of shooting nearly obsolete.


Our team's expertise extends to surveying, assessment, and reporting, offering valuable information about wildlife populations and their impact. This makes us your reliable choice for comprehensive wildlife management, addressing a range of needs.

Ecological Restoration

We offer tailored and comprehensive scheduled plans that can be incorporated into prepared ecological management plans for resource consent land use applications, all while meeting council requirements. These plans can also be provided as a standalone document, ensuring a pragmatic effective approach to your needs.

Our specialised contracting services also extend to allow organisations to concentrate on their core business activities while eliminating staff liability from high-risk undertakings.

Collaborating closely with Ecological consultants, Project managers, and Wholesale native plant suppliers, we collectively prioritise enriching biodiversity outcomes for covenant and planted land assets in a manner that aligns with New Zealand's unique environment.

Our plans are meticulously crafted based on the findings of monitoring surveys conducted during site visits.

With a commitment to professionalism, knowledge, experience, and expertise, we strive to achieve desired outcomes in a highly effective and efficient manner. Utilising state-of-the-art thermal image technology and smart devices, we conduct surveys, monitoring, and pest animal removal.

Through monthly monitoring and reporting, we ensure consistent oversight. Our unwavering dedication provides persistent, long-term safeguards throughout the project's duration, ensuring its ultimate success.


Predator Free 2050 Work

Our services encompass a range of crucial activities including monitoring, trapping, reporting, and maintenance. With a strong commitment to preserving biodiversity and contributing to New Zealand's Predator Free 2050 goals, we are dedicated to creating environments where native species thrive. Additionally, we are equipped to handle toxin bait station and Controlled Substance Licence (CSL) required operations, ensuring a comprehensive approach to pest management.

Dog Services

Watershed SPF is a selected member of the Department of Conservation WILD ANIMAL GROUND CONTROL NATIONAL PANEL

In dense bush environments, we employ highly trained ungulate indicator dogs and predator bailing/indicating dogs. These dogs are instrumental in effectively locating animals for their removal, utilising their exceptional tracking abilities through wind and ground scenting. Working alongside a shooter in challenging scenarios, they ensure success where no other method will suffice.


Drone Services

Our drone services extend to various domains, including photography and videography, surveying, and pest animal detection. With a focus on precision and innovation, we capture stunning imagery through aerial photography and videography, providing a unique perspective for your projects. Additionally, our advanced surveying capabilities allow us to gather essential data for informed decision-making ensuring the desired outcomes are met.