Ecological restoration

We offer tailored, comprehensive and scheduled pest animal management plans for resource consent land use applications.

Our plans exceed council requirements and ensure a pragmatic effective approach to your needs as based on the findings of monitoring surveys conducted during site visits.

Collaborating closely with Ecological consultants, Biosecurity NZ, Project managers, and Revegetation specialists, we collectively prioritise enriching biodiversity outcomes for covenant and planted land assets in a manner that aligns with New Zealand's unique environment. We work for you and consult with regional councils and Biosecurity NZ through audit process. 

With a commitment to professionalism, knowledge, experience, and expertise, we strive to achieve desired outcomes in a highly effective and efficient manner. Utilising state-of-the-art thermal image technology, dog detection techniques, smart devices, we conduct surveys, monitoring, and all pest animal removal. All data accurately uploaded to Trap NZ platform for transparency.   

Through monthly monitoring and reporting, we ensure consistent oversight. Our unwavering dedication provides persistent, long-term safeguards throughout the project's duration ensuring its ultimate success.

Our specialised contracting services also extend to allow associated organisations to concentrate on their core business activities while eliminating staff liability from high-risk undertakings.